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Zoom Teeth Whitening Sydney

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Zoom Teeth Whitening Sydney

Published on: 09/11/19 12:59 PM

Are you thinking of getting your teeth whitening done? Do you feel that your teeth are discolored?

My Smile Dentist Sydney offer zoom teeth whitening on a regular basis. We have the Zoom 4 white speed laser, which can get you a Hollywood smile in 1 hour. Zoom whitening is the best way to whiten you teeth. Zoom in chair whitening is the best way to whiten your teeth in the shortest amount of time. Teeth Whitening is a process where a teeth whitening gel is applied to your teeth and then it is activated by a blue light or laser. The Hydrogen peroxide in the gel is activated by the Laser, which then starts the process of teeth whitening. In about 1 hour you can see that the teeth are lighter by 6-8 shades. In addition to the Zoom in chair teeth whitening you can also get the zoom take home teeth whitening. The take home teeth whitening kit has the same zoom whitening gel but with a lower concentration. This will help you to maintain your white shade for as long as you keep using it.

So don’t wait to get a gorgeous smile with the zoom teeth whitening system. We also offer the best price in Sydney for zoom teeth whitening. Come to my smile doctors and experience the difference.

We have ceiling mounted entertainment screens so you can relax and watch your favorite TV shows white getting your zoom teeth whitening done.

At the moment we have a special offer and we are providing 50 % off the regular price ($1000) of zoom whitening and giving it for $499 only. Plus you can get the zoom whitening take home kit for $100 only!!! When you buy it with the zoom in chair teeth whitening, regular price $299.

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