Teeth Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Home Teeth Whitening

The process of home teeth whitening is simple yet effective. An impression is taken and a custom tray is made for the patient. Then, a supply of whitening gel is given to the patient and he/she wears the tray each night for a period of time until an acceptable result is achieved.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom is a 1 hour in-surgery procedure with a take home kit. It is perfect for anyone who has a special event or wedding coming up. The Zoom system whitens teeth using a special whitening laser and a hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching gel. During treatment, the Zoom teeth whitening gel is applied to the teeth and then gently activated with the whitening laser. The gentle laser activates the gel, which penetrates the tooth surface to lift out stains and whiten

Discover your most beautiful smile with our ZOOM Teeth Whitening treatment

To Secure your brighter & whiter smile, a deposit is required at time of booking. As a courtesy 48 hours notice is required to alter an appointment.

Did you know your smile is the first thing others notice about you? It’s psychological – people naturally make eye contact first before subconsciously scanning the face (starting on the right) and looking at body language. If your smile is less than healthy looking, it can distract others from your fabulous outfit, friendly demeanour and dazzling personality! You might be making the wrong first impression without even knowing. The good news is, there’s something you can do about it.

Make a great first impression with a dazzling bright smile with the help of our teeth whitening treatment. We offer teeth whitening at our Parramatta clinic, at a fraction of the price you’ll pay at inner city clinics. We’ve been offering Zoom Teeth Whitening for years, so our dental team has excellent product knowledge. This means we can give you an accurate picture of what to expect, as well as let you know as much as you need about comprehensive aftercare and maintenance. For example, we recommend a take-home whitening kit so you can maintain your gorgeous results in between visits. It’s also recommended that patients not eat high-pigment foods for a certain period afterwards. Whilst we don’t prescribe a strict ‘white foods diet’, we can help you pick out some practical options.

The best part about coming to a dentist for teeth whitening is that we can make sure that your treatment doesn’t interfere with any oral health concerns you may have. It’s also a good opportunity for a quick check-up, if you haven’t seen a dentist for several months.

The results you can expect Not sure whether Zoom will work for you? Take a look at our Smile Gallery for some examples of the results we’ve achieved for other patients. Please note that the degree of lightening will depend on the starting shade of your teeth. We will use a colour chart before and after your treatment to determine how many shades lighter your teeth are.

Your Initial Appointment

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening is completely tailored to your needs, and during your consultation we will assess your condition to ensure you are a good candidate for the treatment. With both in-chair and take-home whitening options, you can gain the best results for fast and effective teeth whitening treatment either with at the practice or in the comfort of your own home.

Whenever you book in with our professional and friendly team of dental specialists, we’re sure to talk with you about the exact whitening procedure that we will provide you with. We find that this puts our patients at ease and ensures that you’re kept fully aware of everything that’s going on during your treatment. The Zoom teeth whitening procedure is relatively simple and straightforward. Take a look at the video below for an overview of the basics.

Feel free to give our Parramatta office a call at 02 8036 2411 if you have any questions or would like to make a booking.

Painless Injection – The Wand

More comfort & less anxiety
  • Significantly more comfortable than the syringe.
  • Greatly reduces anxiety.
  • Can eliminate collateral numbness.
Greater Satisfaction
  • Patient are more satisfied with and prefer The Wand vs.the syringe.
  • More confident that their dental practice has the lastest technology.