Gum Disease

Gum Disease

Are Your Gums Bleeding After Flossing Or Brushing Your Teeth? You May Be Suffering From Gum Disease!

Gum disease is a devastating dental condition that can quickly spiral out of control. If you suffer from:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Sore, tender or swollen gums
  • Inflamed gums

You could be suffering from the early stages of gum disease, known as Gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis can cause much damage within the mouth and become what is known as severe periodontitis. This condition can greatly impact the teeth and even cause premature tooth loss!

At MY SMILE DOCTORS we are dedicated to your oral health, and will always check for any signs of Gum Disease with every check-up. We utilise advanced cleaning and preventive techniques to ensure the health of your mouth and remove or greatly minimise any presence of gum disease.

It is important to note, however, that once gum disease becomes severe and causes Gum Recession and inflammation of the bone or bone loss, we can only minimise its effects and will not be able to cure it entirely. This is why it is imperative to visit our dental practice every six months to ensure any initial symptoms of gum disease are checked and eliminated early.

Painless Injection – The Wand

More comfort & less anxiety
  • Significantly more comfortable than the syringe.
  • Greatly reduces anxiety.
  • Can eliminate collateral numbness.
Greater Satisfaction
  • Patient are more satisfied with and prefer The Wand vs.the syringe.
  • More confident that their dental practice has the lastest technology.