Dentures Clinic Parramatta

Dentures are an attractive and cost effective solution for missing teeth. When you’ve lost multiple teeth due to gum disease or extraction, Our dental specialists denture appliances that offer outstanding function and are amazingly comfortable and attractive. Our denture appliances offer patients the full support for their healthy smile and eating lifestyle.

Our denture solutions are made of acrylic and offer two solutions. The first denture appliance type is called conventional dentures and is made after a patient has had their teeth extracted, and the gum tissue has had time to heal. Typically, the denture is placed in about eight to 12 weeks after the teeth are extracted. The second is immediate dentures that are made prior to the extraction of the teeth and are fixed immediately after the teeth have been removed and are worn during the healing process. Both are designed to replace your natural teeth in a brilliant manner that enhances your smile, supports your bite and brings back your self-esteem.

My Smile Doctors fabricates complete dentures, Partial Dentures and immediate dentures for adults and children.

Complete Dentures

A full denture appliance is an appliance that fits directly to the gums. The look is one that is life like, matching the gums in a flesh coloured tone. An acrylic base fits over the gums of the patient. The upper denture is designed to cover the palate while the lower denture is shaped like a horseshoe so that the patient’s gum is accommodated.

My Smile Doctor custom makes full dentures in our in-office dental laboratory. Impressions of the patient’s mouth are taken and from the impressions, we will fabricate a denture that fits comfortably. Patients can be fitted with one of two types of dentures: Conventional and Immediate Full Dentures.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a natural looking and comfortable solution to replace missing teeth. With a partial denture, replacement teeth are attached to a gum coloured or pink acrylic base and can be designed with a metal framework and clasps or another type of connectors that connect to the natural teeth. The denture appliance may be made with precision attachments that attach to your natural teeth, as well and a denture that is removable. The removable can also be fit to crowns in the mouth.

Do not expect to feel as though there is nothing in your mouth. There is a new appliance in it, and your mouth will have to become accustomed to. The denture will feel awkward, and you will likely feel as though you are slurring your words. You will be adjusted to the denture typically within a few weeks with your speech back to normal and feeling comfortable.

  • It will take practice to insert and remove the partial dentures.
  • Care for your denture as your dentist specifies.
  • Do not force your denture into place. It should fit with ease. While the denture is solid, it is fragile and could bend or break.
  • During the first few weeks to months, you will be required to have your denture in your mouth at all times. Your dentist will provide you with a time frame.
  • If your denture feels as though it is irritating a certain area or pressing heavily, you will need to visit your dentist to have him / her adjust the denture.
  • When you first begin to eat, start with soft foods. Chew on both sides of your mouth and keep the pressure even. Avoid foods that are hard or sticky.


  • A lifelike look that is attractive
  • The dentures can be remolded, relined and remade through the years as your bone and gums change.
  • Being made out of acrylic, the dentures are easy to mold.
  • Acrylic dentures Sydney can be adjusted to fit snuggly and comfortably.

Chrome Dentures

Chrome dentures are made with a chromium (metal) base and have many advantages over Acrylic Dentures, such as the denture being quite strong. It is also constructed thinner than a plastic acrylic denture and does not have to be remade, relined and rebased as often as the acrylic denture. Partial chrome dentures are an option for individuals that have lost a few teeth, but not all.

With partial chrome dentures, the denture is made to rest on adjacent teeth, which is much healthier for the mouth, allowing the palate to taste.

Painless Injection – The Wand

More comfort & less anxiety
  • Significantly more comfortable than the syringe.
  • Greatly reduces anxiety.
  • Can eliminate collateral numbness.
Greater Satisfaction
  • Patient are more satisfied with and prefer The Wand vs.the syringe.
  • More confident that their dental practice has the lastest technology.